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Quick Tips for Cleaning Light Bulbs

At WnJ Services, we understand that light bulbs can be a chore to clean since they are usually in difficult places to reach (e.g. the ceiling). In most cases, the grime and steam from the kitchen is the number one factor that can greatly reduce luminance so lights can be dimmer than the usual output. We would like to share some important tips to cleaning light bulbs while saving energy and electricity in your home.


  • Dust them frequently. For a good cleaning, remove the bulbs from their fixtures and wipe them with a lint-free cloth. Just be careful with incandescent bulbs. They can be quite brittle so gently handle them.
  • Instead of incandescent, you might want to consider using fluorescent “energy-saver” bulbs instead. They consume less energy while giving ample lighting.
  • Be careful in handling hot bulbs! It is better to do your cleaning during the day when they’re turned off and cool to handle.
  • To get a maximum effect, clean the fixtures too, especially the ones that have reflective surfaces that enhance lighting. These too can accumulate dust and affect lighting efficiency.

This article was modified from www.lifespy.com/category/home-and-garden.


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