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Quick Tips for Cleaning Your Shower Stall/Tub

Since WnJ Services was established in 1995, several different methods of cleaning the bathroom have been proven and tested. From these attempts over the years, we have identified which methods are most beneficial and efficient in different scenarios. For homeowners, we would like to share a simple and easy method to cleaning your shower stall or tub.

Steps to Cleaning Your Shower Stall/Tub

  1. Ventilate bathroom and quickly spray soap scum type cleaner on entire shower stall and tub, concentrating spray on the parts that need extra attention (tub ring, etc.). Leave the room and find something else to clean! Let the spray do the work for about 10-15 minutes.
  2. When you return - get the broom just slightly wet under tub faucet - then turn the water OFF. Use the broom to scrub and sweep the scum away working from top of stall walls down to bottom of tub – scum concentrates the most in these areas. You can use the tips of bristles to clean grout and crevices, also great around the faucets and drain.
  3. Run tub faucet using warm water. While water is running rinse the broom. Fill your container of choice with fresh water from tub and rinse walls and tub several times. Use the broom to rinse walls and sweep remainder of dissolved soap scum into tub and down the drain - rinse thoroughly!
  4. Enjoy your sparkling tub and shower stall!

Things You'll Need

  • Any broom with full thick ANGLED plastic bristles with fluffy ends. The fluffier the better!
  • Spray foam bathroom cleaner - the kind that removes soap scum - NOT mildew cleaner!
  • A small bucket to fill with water for rinsing walls and tub.


  • We don't recommend this method with mildew/mold cleaners. The fumes are just too strong. We usually clean first and later spot treat mildew areas with very small amount of mildew cleaner. Leave the room after spraying because the mildew cleaners contain very strong chemicals and/or bleach. Rinse 10-15 minutes later.


  • Leave the room after you spray cleaner - Do NOT inhale cleaning fumes. ALWAYS ventilate the bathroom/home/apartment while using any cleaning chemicals!

This article was adapted from www.wikihow.com/Clean-a-Shower/Tub-the-Easy-Way.



For more information, please visit us at www.wnjservices.com.

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